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    Police arrest 746 and seize more than £54,000,000 after hacking EncroChat

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    Does anyone have an idea how this was done? Apparently the keys for EncroChat were changing all the time but the NCA were still able to crack the encryption?

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    I don’t know about the stuff going on surrounding EncroChat. Can someone explain?

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    I wonder if that $1billion Camorra/ISIS amphetamine bust this week was related or are the bad guys just having a *terrible* couple of months?

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    Imagine spending £1600 on a trap phone and still getting caught

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    This is quite amazing considering the fact that they always catch up with the sneaky ones . The police breached the servers on EncroChat which subsequently revealed the communication and identities , which means they basically broke the device but not the encryption

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    Holy shit that’s a lot

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    What did we learn today?

    OpSec is the key here. Never put your whole safety on one factor.

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    The Dutch police also arrest over 100 criminals because of that same hack

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    I would NOT want to be the CEO of EncroChat right now. This is not the usual case of pissed off customers.

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    Looks like another company has already stepped in to take the remaining customers.

    >Already, other encrypted phone companies are trying to fill the void left by Encrochat. A company called Omerta has been advertising directly to Encrochat’s old customers. “ENCROCHAT HACKED, USERS EXPOSED & ARRESTS GALORE – THE KING IS DEAD,” a blog post on its site reads. Omerta told Motherboard in an email it has seen a rise in traffic recently.

    Although, I did chuckle at there marketing. It gives off a borderlands vibe to me

    >”Did you narrowly escape the recent Mass Extinction Event? Celebrate with 10 percent off. Join the Omerta family and communicate with impunity.”

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    Beside the removal of gps chip etc. What’s the benefits of using this over something like Wickr?

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    Wonder how many bitcoin addresses they managed to associate with purchases?

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    That’s not a lot of guns or ammo at all. 1800 rounds any gun owner would have that

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