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    I decided to port scan some random network ranges and I can see several of the hosts (Like hundreds of hosts) have the exact same ports open and are seemingly related (they all have similar hostnames).

    Do companies, or governments buy up entire IP blocks? I know they’re allocated to different countries and ISPs if I recall correctly, but why would I see a list of hosts with identical ports open? And if I try accessing any of the services that typically operate on these ports, they’re inaccessible.

    So are these just honey pots? Or do you think they have NGFW’s that would prohibit my IP from accessing them? Or are there other reasons why you’d see entire network ranges look like this?

    Also, what is the legality around doing this? I know port scanning is kind of a grey area, but accessing these services through port 80 is perfectly fine right? Since you’re literally just visiting a website with no domain name?


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