May 18, 2021

Possible to bypass iPod touch 2G passcode?

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    Hi everyone.
    My girlfriend recently found her old ipodtouch 2G but forgot her passcode. She asked me if I knew any way how to bypass it WITHOUT losing all the data on it. Sadly she doesn’t have any backups or old iTunes saves. I thought, “sure. Its such an old device, there have to be any ways to unlock it.”

    So I went went on the journey and searched half of the internet for any methods or tools that could help me.
    What helped me the most was GeckoToolKit. It couldn’t bypass the passcode (only for 3G &4G), but a least it could reset the “timer” screen after having tried too many guesses.
    After hours or even days of search I just started to enter codes/reset the timer. So far I got 321 guesses, but am a bit desperate now.

    I just hope that I’m at a reasonable place here with my question. And I’m really sorry if I am violating any rules here. But:

    Do you know any ways how to unlock the ipodtouch 2G without deleting its data? Is it even possible?

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    I would check out []( for known vulnerabilities. I assume the iPod Touch has some iOS 4.2 or something installed and there are like 500 known CVEs for this version (however, lots are inherited because stupid researchers don’t specify their version properly. e.g. they just say iOS before 11.0 and this will match 4.2 as well, despite they wanted to specify iOS before 11.0 but after 9.3 or something).

    If you’re on the CVE list of a specific version, sort by CVE ascending (so you see the oldest first) then look out for the keyword “bypass”.

    For example CVE-2012-0644 looks promising but according to Apple this requires at least 3rd Gen.

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    It is possible, keep digging and you might find something online.

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