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    I’m still pretty new to posting on reddit and this probably isn’t the right thread but I figured y’all are smarter than the average person and could share some thoughts on this, or maybe point me in the right direction on where to post because I’m a little concerned.
    In the pictures I’ll provide I’m talking to someone on meetme from Germany who has a rather mysterious offer. He starts off by saying he has a life changing suggestion where I could make a bunch of money, goes on to say that it would mean becoming a slave, signing a contract, and going through a training session where I’d be taught how to speak and act like a slave, and I could then either become his slave (where I’d make less money) or go to a slave auction where I’d offer myself and my services (what the fuck) he said it’d be totally safe and I’d sign a one year contract. Also I’d have to come to Germany for all this which he said he’d take care of all that.
    I maintain sounding interested in all this cuz I wanna find out more but obviously it’s a giant fuck no right off the bat.
    Other than the obvious some things that strike me as sketchy are the fact that this dude has one picture (that I can bet isn’t him) and that he clearly joined the site to recruit for this. Also found it strange that he’d target someone out of the country (you go there, you’re isolated from everything you know and boom you’re missing forever) but don’t worry, the contracts will keep you safe and I bet the moment someone wants out they totally just let them walk right on out and head home to their country. Right.
    I’ve told him I don’t have a passport because I wanna see what his response is. Is it gonna be a dealbreaker or head towards “don’t worry about a passport” which would be another red flag. I can post updates if you all want. Again sorry if I shouldn’t post this here, if there’s a better place to post this please let me know! Otherwise let me know what you guys think or if there’s anything you think I should do. I’ll provide any info I have for anyone interested.
    [potential human trafficking method?](https://imgur.com/gallery/PdywGxL)

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    If it’s real, yes. It’s probably another scam where they’ll milk you of money in one way or another. You could post to /r/rbi too

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    r/rbi might like to see this.

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    A quick FIY:
    I saw someone say something about me being stupid and not feeling bad if something happens to me (and their comment was immediately removed so I didn’t get to really read it, so FOR THE RECORD I have absolutely NO interest in ever taking up any offers ever related to sexual interactions, no matter how much money is paid, and from start to finish didn’t even CONSIDER saying yes, I’m only baiting for information. Also I do plan on reporting him to admins as that was recommended to me

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