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    Pretty interesting hack billionaires use to dodge taxes

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    So museums will just auto accept donations of any art some rich asshole says is valuable?

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    You want to talk about cost density, cryptocurrencies dominate that space these days.

    You can’t quite do that same artificial price pump donation scam to get out of paying taxes though, so.. pros and cons.

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    This seems a lot more relevant to /r/unethicallifehacks than /r/hacking. I don’t see how buying and trading art to evade taxes is really within the spirit or culture of computer hacking.

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    It’s also been used as a way to bribe officials.

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    Yup… This had been pretty common knowledge for a long time now

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    1. Not computer hacking related.

    2. You spammed the same thing to lots and lots of different subreddits. I’m going to put this down as spam presumably to your monetized youtube channel or something.

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    They also tend to go up in value over time. A appreciating asset rather than a depreciating one like your car. And they look……well, nice lol.

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    Alternative hack, for already famous pieces of art:

    * Buy piece of art at auction for $X
    * Get an art expert to value your piece of art at $X+100%
    * Get insurance for piece of art valued at $X+50%
    * Auction piece of art with bids starting at $X+50%
    * Sell piece of art at auction for $X+150%
    * Repeat

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    I did not know any of this… Now rich people ruined art.

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    That was a lot of stock footage, and the writing style sounds like a school report. I wouldn’t be surprised if the creation and promotion of this video was [entirely outsourced](

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