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    Ruling out any government agencies, the only options for work as an ethical hacker seem to be as either employees for a private cybersecurity company or as a freelancer pentester. Out of curiosity, which do you guys think is best? What are the pros and cons of each one?

    Personally, I enjoy working for a private company for the sake of some security and benefits, but I know freelancers have their own reasons such as more control over who you work for and it’s more “hands-on” I guess.

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    There are pros and cons to all of those options, I have never worked in government so I don’t have much to say about that, but everyone I know who has come from government said there was a lot of red tape and maintaining a security clearance is a pain. Private is nice, but it can be high stress. Can be a steep learning curve. If you can deal with that it is a great place to learn, you can also make pretty decent money and benefits. Some people like freelancing, you have a lot more freedom, however I wouldn’t do this without a lot of experience as you won’t work on anything interesting and you won’t make much. Other option is working in a big company(like Amazon or similar), you make a lot, you may work on interesting things, but lose all of your freedom.

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    Freelancing is probably slightly more fun, but you run the risk of getting into trouble. At the same time, private probably pays more.

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