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Problems with cracking a program with OllyDBG ( debugging )

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    Basically it’s a game bot that used to be free to many players and now the owner of this bot ( who didn’t even make this bot 100% himself ) made it VIP version and demands 20 bucks from everyone. I don’t wanna pay for it and my new project is to crack it free.


    So when i open the injector ( bot ) it opens a CMD and does some codes, 2 seconds later the CMD is gone and the bot launches. This was in the free version.. now after CMD vanishes, it opens a small window that says ” VIP IS REQUIRED ” and also opens a small image called ” splash screen ” and the image has a text ” VIP required ” at the same time it opens my google chrome and takes me to the ” VIP ” website.


    How can i crack this? I’ve tried watching some videos about OllyDBG and changing the memory, but i can’t find the memory for those things at all.


    There are 3 DLL files ( 1 main DLL ) and the injector of course, what should i do? Are there easier ways to pass this than debugging?


    EDIT: i’ve tried searching for certain texts in OllyDBG such as ” VIP ”, ” free ”, ” VIP is required ” and other stuff.. no luck. I have no idea how to find a memory to change or remove that ” VIP ” sign lol


    EDIT 2: I tried opening the DLL file with ” JetBrains ” and copy the whole botting scripts and make my own bot but i couldn’t find any scripts on the DLL files and it was full of codes, too complex :D.. even though the script on this small video game is pretty small lol

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