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    This article says that we can start from 0 & learn both topics simultaneously from scratch by writing 20+ hacking programs. the course assumes that we have **NO prior knowledge** in any of these topics, and by the end of it we’ll be at a high intermediate level being able to combine both of these skills and write python programs to hack into computer systems exactly the same way that black hat hackers do, and use the programming skills we learn to **write any program** even if it has nothing to do with hacking. [**Main Article**](

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    The website claims, that the course only costs 109,99€ without any discount.
    And it intends to teach you ethical hacking and programming from scratch?
    All this sounds too good to be true. And usually if something sounds too good to be true, then it’s not.

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    Could’ve done a better job organizing all the learning points. Skimming the article, all the points looks scattereed and all over the place.

    >**write any program** even if it has nothing to do with hacking

    Now that’s a bold statement.

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    I got this course for $12 on udemy, it’s not the best if I’m honest. Video quality can be choppy and the audio isn’t the best at times. Some of the first few videos are slightly outdated (from what I remember, this was over a year ago). Syntax is different to what’s provided in some cases. It’s a good guide for a hobby but I wouldn’t say it gets you to a ethical hacker paid position by any means. But that’s just my 2 cents on it.

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    How come 95% of all u/microcontroller_tuto post go to []( ?

    This looks like spam!

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    Looks like an exaggerated proposition to me.

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