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    Hey guys I’m using the Quasar rat and it seemed I set everything up right and built it right to.
    The port is on 4872 and the same on the client and used my local IP for the host.
    Sent it to my own laptop and opened it on the mac but it said could not read files “The unarchiver” and said it detects something. I don’t have a windows laptop to try it on but is it because it’s Apple or is it just not working?

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    From the Quasar github:


    Supported operating systems (32- and 64-bit)

    * Windows 10
    * Windows Server 2019
    * Windows Server 2016
    * Windows 8/8.1
    * Windows Server 2012
    * Windows 7
    * Windows Server 2008
    * Windows Vista

    If you’re trying to run the RAT on your Mac, that’s why it’s not working. A RAT is normally built for a specific operating system and architecture. What you could do is run a Windows VM using VMWare Fusion on your Mac. Or you could choose a RAT that works on a Mac.

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    Quasar is built for Windows only, but you can use a Virtual machine or boot your Mac in Windows mode.

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