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    Hey all

    I saw some other *similar* posts (but not exactly this issue), so I hope this is allowed.

    For magstripe cloning, I was testing my reader/writer thing on an ID card that I use regularly (like to my own doors), and successfully made a copy. Easy. The newly written card reads perfectly fine in some doors, but not others. When it works in a door, it will always work in that door. When it doesn’t work, the reader doesn’t even light up (but will still read the original card).

    These doors all use the same scanner, and run the same checks.

    Literally the only thing I can think of is that the card’s magstripe isn’t strong enough or something, but otherwise, I’m at a loss. And that doesn’t sound like a good answer to the problem.

    Any ideas what might be causing something like this? I figured some of y’all may have encountered this in this past. I can provide more details if necessary, just lmk what you need to know. The msr tool is an MSR X6 (the one with bluetooth if it matters).

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