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    So I just heard about a hack that occured a few years ago, either 2016 or 2017, where a hacker group “abused” Traffic Junky’s advertising system in order to put malicious advertisements on websites. They were active for about a year before they were caught, taking millions of users information.

    I was curious about how this hack works, I know following ads and clicking on them is a common way to put malware on a computer but from the article I was reading it sounded like they made the website itself take the information without making people click on the advertisement itself.

    I was wondering how they could have made this happen, in general terms, and what information they could have actually collected. It seems like a notable method and if it’s reasonably possible, it could be really devastating for internet advertising as a whole.

    One last request, if anyone has any related articles on this type of hack, I would love to read them. I think that with more information, my Macroeconomics teacher would enjoy me using it as a theme for my assignments.

    Thank you all for your time!

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