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    Hi everyone,

    Over at /r/CyberSecurity we will be running week long AMAs with industry professionals focused on all aspects on the cybersecurity industry. This AMA Series is kind of like a ‘virtual careers expo’, and is aimed at those looking to make the transition to, or advance their cyber security career. These AMAs are designed to run for an entire week – personally, I don’t like the small 3-hour AMAs because I always miss them. These longer AMAs should hopefully enable greater engagement and more dialogue between those asking and those responding.

    Most AMAs will have several respondents, with our long term goal being the creation of a Knowledge Base or FAQ based on the content of the AMAs. Hopefully then this FAQ can be referred to by people seeking to join the industry in the future.

    Below is the AMA Schedule, which is also in our New Reddit Sidebar.

    |2 DEC – 9 DEC|Fullstack Academy – online education provider|/u/fullstack-academy, /u/markdavis33, /u/veer, /u/rchltr, /u/dawontonhan, /u/jjilljilljilljj, /u/substantial-belt-134, u/Profcronin5 |
    |9 DEC – 16 DEC|Team Searchlight – OSINT specialists|/r/accessosint, /u/moutonf, /u/the_wondersmith, /u/zewensec|
    |16 DEC – 23 DEC|Security Analyst|/u/heyitsmegannnn, /u/nurotoukai, /u/vikarux|
    |30 DEC – 6 JAN|GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) Specialist|/u/GRC_Sec_AMA|
    |6 JAN – 13 JAN|Penetration Testers|/u/shoot4root, /u/0xFF0F|
    |13 JAN – 20 JAN|Security Assurance|/u/brnbabybrn_cyber|
    |20 JAN – 27 JAN|Security Researcher|/u/_larry0|
    |27 JAN – 3 FEB|Security Consulting|/u/ReckedExe|
    |3 FEB – 10 FEB|CISSP|/u/nuroktoukai, /u/heyitsmegannnn|
    |10 FEB – 17 FEB|Security Engineering (tentative)||
    |17 – 24 FEB|Cloud Security|/u/tweedge|
    |24 FEB – 3 MAR|Large Enterprise / Jack of all Trades Security Admin|/u/omers|
    |10 MAR – 17 MAR|CISO Series|/u/dspark, /u/anotherstandard, /u/seeitsecureit|

    Here is the link to the scheduling thread: [https://www.reddit.com/r/cybersecurity/comments/k2kpv3/ama_schedule/](https://www.reddit.com/r/cybersecurity/comments/k2kpv3/ama_schedule/)

    Please, if you’re interested in a cybersecurity career, make a reminder for any AMA that interests you and come check it out! Also, if you feel like you would like to participate as a responder for an AMA, please email cybersecsubreddit[@]gmail[.]com

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