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    Hello, I have some questions,. I want to know if I can get a dangerous virus from the following situations.

    Can I get a virus…

    1) If I read an email came to my inbox but do not click to any links.

    2) If I click a link and visit a website, but I won’t send any information, download or install anything. Simply visit a website and close it instantly.

    3) If I start downloading a file but cancel the download before it is finished

    4) If I download a file but delete it shortly (like after 5 seconds) after the download. Can a virus infect the PC if I never run the file and delete it ?

    Thanks !

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    1) You can not get a virus from simply opening an email unless you open an attachment. However some personal data cam be sent to the sender – acknowledgement that you opened the email, time zone, IP address, operating system.

    2) Code exists that will automatically download and run applications on your pc. Futher, more personal information can be sent such as a hashed copy of your windows password.

    3) No

    4) Yes. Applications and scripts could auto run and infect your PC.But not very likely if you are running windows 10.

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