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Removing traces of yourself from altering software?

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    I don’t know how to phrase that better… maybe “How to remove traces of your work? or footprints? or whatever”

    I’ve been decompiling and debugging some things for a little while now, just looking around at things. For some things I can see the info of who made the apps and the metadata of their computer systems and everything – but for others, it’s been wiped clean. I’m wondering how they do that? I want to step up to rebuilding things I’ve altered, but make sure there’s nothing left in there that points back to me. For things just for myself I don’t care, but if I ever plan on releasing cracks or modded things I’ve made, I’d like to be completely safe about it. So, how can I remove all trace of myself?

    Another example is when I’ve imported decompiled apps into IDEA, the XML file now shows the name of my system and paths of file locations and names. If I were to rebuild the app, wouldn’t my information be saved in it for the next person to see?

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