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    Report: Hundreds of apps have hidden tracking software used by the government

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    Blocking TicTok seems more like simple jealousy now…

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    When the majority of the world are on Samsung, “i” anything, Windows and pour out all their information via social media and apps they all agree to, it’s not exactly hidden, and they gave permission. Big Data = Big Money. I find it funny really, wasn’t that long ago that every website/game/app/program etc used to say “Never give out your personal information to anyone online”, facebook, twitter, instagram etc all come out and everyones like “Meh, fuck it, here have all my information”. I proved it to my friends mum that I could get access to some form of her accounts just by the information she had on her facebook page, Mothers maiden name/ High School / Pets, etc.

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    Pocket spy turns out to be a pocket spy.

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    Now i’m curious: this article is directed to americans, but what about foreign countries where those apps are downloaded? We get the same result as for tiktok, just “anonymized” right?

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    Edward Snowden recently warned that smartphones come with a non removable battery intentionally. Even though you powwr it off, its still sending and receiving information.

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    What a surprise.

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    Does this come as a suprise to anyone?

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    I think think its a default assumption especially in infosec communities.

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    >the government

    Which government?

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    I thought people already knew about this?

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    Is this true for Europe too ?

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    You know there was a small exploit… perhaps we can call it mishap. It was like a uhh I don’t know uhh like a surveillance program…. sounds dumb, it has a dumb name. Probably never happened like a few years ago… CALLED PRISM? DO PEOPLE REALLY HAVE THIS SHORT-TERM MEMORY? I can’t beleive this the normies in this thread… “is it in europe also?” pffff no! Europe is a wonderland. OFC IT IS HERE ALSO. Wake up normies

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    We should all know this by now.

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    Your data is out there ready to be stolen by anything that has a link to your IP address. Using a VPN and don’t post a lot of personal data when possible. The government will be tracking you no matter if they want but you don’t have to make their jobs easy.

    Solutions include living off the grid.

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    Imagine that

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    Chap tracfones and such come preloaded with spyware from our own govt.

    Malwarebytes website wrote an article about it. Unremovable .

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    All apps have privacy statements, if you don’t read them then you shouldn’t be surprised if you wake up one day and everything you own and all your base are belong to us!

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    Genuine question: why should I care? Should I be afraid of something?

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