May 19, 2021

Reprogramming a Kindle?

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    I’m wondering if it’s possible to reprogram a Kindle’s entire function, for (random) example changing it to be such that music files can be uploading to it/interface changes (despite the music being unable to play due to Kindle’s hardware). If it’s possible, where in the world does one even start to make such changes.

    This question seemed fit for this subreddit, apologies if that wasn’t the case, as well as the possibility that this question is extremely vague. Completely new to any of this

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    What sort of kindle? A fire tablet can be changed to an android tablet.

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    Go to XDA developers and search for the exact model of kindle. I’ve rooted mine and put stock Android on it.

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    This tutorial shows how to install Android on Kindle Fire if that’s helpful! [](

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