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    Hello All,
    I am looking for help from the experts. If you own a high end Samsung Phone, you may be familiar with Samsung DeX. Based on my research, Samsung launches DeX on a virtual display on Android when connected to a HDMI dock or when connected to DeX on PC (MacOS/Windows). This virtual display is powered off when not connected to a HDMI dock or when not connected to DeC on PC.

    I would like to try to trick my phone into thinking that a Linux PC is able to run DeX on PC. Where is the best way to start? I just need to figure out how to start the DexUI on display 2, I can already interact with the secondary display. Any ideas?

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    Custom roms can force DeX mod through any type of external display.

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    Linux and USB support is pretty open and easy to implement and RE. You can create a mock (fake) usb driver that will just act as a MiTM between the physical device and another real usb driver so that it will act as a sniffer.

    As well as use it for injection.

    Obviously you can use wireshark to sniff traffic, I don’t think it can inject/manipulate

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