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    I’m trying to analyze an RFID sticker, specifically one that is placed on the bottom of a refillable cup, made by ValidFill. From all of the patent information I could find on ValidFill’s tech, they’re using “an ISO 15693 certified read/write 13.56 MHz RFID tag.” As I understand it, I should be able to, at least, identify these tags with the assistance of my Android device (unless I’m mistaken). However, after having tried various applications, my device has been incapable of detecting the presence of this tag.

    If it may help, here is a photo of the RFID sticker in question, which is placed on the underside of another sticker located on the bottom of the aforementioned cup: https://imgur.com/vyCMgM5

    According to ValidFill’s documentation, these tags are read from/written to on the fly upon their use at a participating soda fountain. The data used to validate the cup is completely self-contained on the tag. With that in mind, I’d like to be able to analyze the data on the tag and how it changes between being a newly purchased cup and its first fill-up, and also between refills.

    My knowledge in this area is, to say the least, lacking. How can I go about verifying the frequency at which these tags operate, as well read any data that is written to them? Is there any reason that, if these tags are in fact 13.56MHz tags, that my Android device does not detect them? Any insight would be highly appreciated.

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