May 5, 2021

Router login crack without password list

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    In a nutshell, I’m frustrated.

    I’m trying to pentest my router login. Not the login to the wifi network itself but the admin page. I’m using Kali linux but the frustration is that all the recommendations I’ve received have been to use something like hydra with a wordlist to get the password. But I know this won’t work as I’ve already changed the password to a long and very difficult password.

    Is there any other way besides a wordlist brute force to get the admin login?

    PS, I know the password, I know I can reset it etc. I just want to know of a way to break in that doesn’t include a wordlist that I already know doesn’t contain the password.

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    look for remote exploits for the firmware, you can try routersploit framework

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    `crunch` is a wordlist generator comes with Kali

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