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    My internet provider don’t share with me the router’s
    username&password (I tried all the default usernames&passwords , it doesn’t work) .
    And I think resetting the router violates the rules of contract.

    My question is : Is it possible to find the username and password for the router without bruteforce.

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    You can try [](

    It’s possible to find it other ways depending upon the make and model. Check out Routersploit, [](

    The other option could be to just buy your own modem and router so you could the control everything instead of your ISP.

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    Get your own modem/router! – I guess in most cases it should be possible to use your own and just put the one supplied by the ISP in a drawer.

    I used to have a DSL and was annoyed that the modem/router supplied by the ISP was utter shit, so I got my own DSL router, problem solved.

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    Usually it’s somewhere on the router

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    I’ll be damned if someone tells me I can’t reset my router … Smh

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