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    I’m looking for something with the functionality of a rubber ducky in a working mouse.

    In an ideal world, this would be an off-the-shelf, can use a purchase order / corporate buy, doesn’t say “hacker” or “pentest tool”, not branded with logos, not “gaming”, and does say “ergonomic” or “accessibility”.

    I’m not interested in making my own, I am looking for something that can be introduced into an environment via a legitimate corporate purchase and withstand a few minutes of scrutiny.

    It looks like there are some gaming mice that have a programmable interface, but they all have 800 leds and lasers and flashy graphics. I need beige and boring.

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    As much of a hassle as it would be, I’d suggest buying the gaming mouse and a second cheap throwaway mouse. It should be fairly easy to retrofit the shell of the “generic” mouse over the gaming one. As a bonus, most Logitech mice use the same internal mounts, so switching internals between a generic one and a gaming mouse should be easy.

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