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    Need to use Windows for work, sadly. If I ran it in VirtualBox on Linux what’s the worst damage a program could do out of that? I’m thinking even if something escaped the VM it wouldn’t have root access. So while not ideal I should be fine*ish* even in a worst case scenario, right?

    Alternatively, what would you recommend to safely run windows on a computer with an existing system?

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    AFAIK there is no such thing as a virus “escaping” and infecting your Linux host because Windows binaries (in this case, the Windows malware) will not run on Linux.

    The worst that can happen is getting a malware on your VM. The malware will run as long as your VM is turned on, and can do nasty stuff from there like sending data, recording the keystrokes you make while on the VM, etc.

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    To me, the only way to run Windows safely is to airgap it from the internet completely.

    If you use it in a corporate environment, you need to consider what it can connect to.

    Look at the output of `netstat` to see what connections get established. Ask yourself which of them is necessary.

    Running Windows in a VM does not necessarily protect you from anything since anything it connects to, can possibly be a vector for malware.

    Turning off connections and services may not work since Windows updates may turn them back on without your knowledge.

    I wouldn’t worry about the Linux being affected by Windows malware. There are very few malware that are designed to be cross platform. I’m not saying they don’t exist, just that they are relatively few.

    You have to ask yourself questions about security in a more fundamental way.

    * What do I need to protect?
    * What threats are likely?
    * How do I protect my important data?

    There are important questions regardless of the platform.

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    Depends what type of “work” you are talking about

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