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    Hello, so i am very very new to pentesting and i just started learning about wordlists and that stuff, i see the purpose of wordlists with tools like BEWGor which take target information and permute the word and make lists but the lists come to be huge, i was wondering if there’s a runtime wordlists program that doesn’t save the wordlists anywhere, it just asks information and processes in to permutations meanwhile trying to apply them to the hash , saving hard disk space, so the workflow would be like this

    take information ==> process permutation ==> try to apply perm on hash


    (repeat if hash not cracked)

    Lemme know if this is even possible or any program uses something of this sort.


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    Yes, lots of password cracking tools including Hashcat (rule based attack) and John (mask option) support this

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    The Cracking section [**in our wiki**]( has some beginner resources for you.

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    you can also use aircrack on linux its kinda slow since its only using CPU

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    The mentalist can be used to make these sorts of lists. Then the final list can be exported or you can get a John/hashcat rule.

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