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    We have a task of scaning the entire internet (IPv4) and finding hosts with specific port(s). Now, we’re wondering what’s your experience with scanning? How providers, government agencies and other institutions react when your packets start flooding their networks? What are potential consequences (personal or to our server)? Which providers tolerate scanning from their networks (AWS, OVH,..)? We did some country based scans before, but nothing on this scale. P.S. it would be great if someone has an up-to-date “Do Not Scan” CIDR list to share 🙂

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    masscan ftw

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    Very grey area, if you don’t have permission from the owner of the infrastructure step back and walk away. It’s not worth landing yourself in hot water or worse

    For me to even think about scanning a client’s network, I need a contract signed by both parties for permission, scanning can only take place from a specific public IP range and sometimes only at specific times. I’m in the UK so laws may differ elsewhere

    Edit: If you do go ahead stay the hell away from government and law enforcement

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    Try dorks if it counts

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    Not sure how helpful this is, but in legal terms port scanning tends to be referred to as “enumeration,” perhaps that gives you another keyword to use when searching EULAs, government policies and laws in your jurisdiction.

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    Wouldnt recommend at all.
    port scanning is illegal in some states.

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    I have a task, it is counting to 4,000,000,000,000. What number should I start with 0 or 1.

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