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    Didn’t know where to ask this so I figured this place would be a good start.

    So my father is using an android box to watch TV through some IPTV apps that he’s paying for (Like every possible premium streaming service, all in one with minimal investment).

    Two weeks ago the thing started lagging hard. Huge delays, channels stopped working altogether sometimes. Couldn’t be our internet since we got a 400Mbps connection and have the Android box connected with a LAN cable. So he called the guy that he was providing him the channels and he told my father to connect a second router to our router. He did it and since then the channels haven’t lagged again, according to my father. Guy told us the second router prevents our IPS from detecting our IPTV streaming. If this is true, doesn’t that mean that the second router acts like a VPN lite of some kind? I personally don’t think this makes sense. Any ideas?

    Not sure if my explanation is good, English isn’t my mother language.

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