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    Hi guys I’m 31 yo cnc programmer. For the past year I was learning a lot about cybersecurity (and front end dev because I like both) and I want to switch career. How realistic is for me to get hired as junior cybersecurity analyst without experience? I could easily get comptia network + and security + certs in a month or two. Would anyone hire someone who has certs and hands on knowledge (home lab)?. Any advice ? Any wisdom ?

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    Yes. There are still employers in the industry who are interested in hackers who are passionate about the craft, rather than someone who got churned through a certification mill in 6 weeks and learned the bare minimum to get the certs because they heard there was a lot of money to be made in infosec. Analysts tend to be pretty entry-level roles. Not to say it doesn’t require skill, just that a lot of places will hire people who are new to the field or fresh out of school with the intent of training them. Having a home lab is a positive, and make sure you mention that during any interviews you may get.

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    Yeah certs and home lab is fine

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    You’re already in the field with software development, and I’m sure your troubleshooting and analytical skills are better than someone with no experience at all, you should be more than fine.

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    Mate, my old neighbour was 54 and she learnt a new career. Go for it!

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