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    Hello, I recently have been searching for a pentesting linux distro that I could use and, I’ve been using Kali for a while. When I asked for recommendation on which distro I should use, BlackArch has been recommended to me a couple of times. I am currently debating on which one I should use and I wanted to know your opinions on it. Thanks in advance !

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    Honestly, if you’re asking if you should use BlackArch then you probably don’t need it. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great OS, but Arch just requires a bit more effort to setup and maintain in my experience. It’s also laid out a bit different so it’s harder to follow along with guides or documentation.

    Personally I’ve would stick to either Parrot or Kali and not mess with BlackArch unless you already have an Arch setup that you’re used to.

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    I stick with kali since I can easily trash a VM and create a new one with ease.

    As the other poster stated, arch in general takes more fine tuning so your ass will probably be chapped if you bomb your machine.

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    I like blackarch because I’m more familiar with arch than Debian. That’s literally my entire reasoning for my preference. I think there’s a few more tools in BA the last time I checked, but Kali’s list is entirely adequate. I also found blackarch’s tools list on their website useful for finding a tool (e.g. what tools can I use for SMB enumeration? Go to the website, ctrl+f, type SMB, and click next until I find what I need.) although this usually returns a tool already in Kali. Or more frequently now I’m just chucking a quick python script together containing exactly my use case if it’s something small.

    Distro preference is entirely preference I think. If you’re happy with Kali then crack on with it. If not then live booting blackarch or parrot will give you some idea of your preference.

    Perhaps a little bit of a politicians answer, but it’s my opinion.

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