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Someone has signed my girlfriend up for scammer MMS messages

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    Is this a possibility? Her ex is the most petty, juvenile, strange person I’ve ever encountered in my life so I’m 99.9% sure he did it or asked someone to do it or paid some “black hat” to do it.

    She’s suddenly getting pretty standard scam messages, when I search the string of the message on Google other people have had the same message from other numbers. She’s had multiple in a few days, all from the same area code which is why I’ve concluded she’s been put on a “customer” list of some sort and they bought a chunk of numbers on that area code.

    I know scammers have lists of victims. Is it possible that someone is running a service where they put people’s numbers onto these lists? Or are there public lists of numbers that these places use? I already know there are “get revenge with spam” sites out there but the messages all being from the same area code (+1 949) suggest this wasn’t done and something else is going on.

    Anyone got any ideas on what might have been done here? And does anyone know if there’s a way to find out where her number was sent? (I know that might sound like me asking for a way to spam people so if it is I’ll remove it. But I’d like to get as much info as possible.)

    If someone could PM me and give me details on if or how I could track down where her number was entered I’d massively appreciate it. This lunatic already got someone to phish her gmail password a year ago. (It was confirmed when he let her know my address which is in her email plus a Google email saying “someone signed into your account from Texas, was it you?” along with me getting weird phone calls and some borderline scary stuff where strange men were knocking at my door every other night for about a month, I think someone was catfishing guys online and sending them to my place.) Yes, a year ago and he’s still in a petty rage.

    So does anyone know if services like this exist, where you give a “hacker” someone’s number and they start getting weird calls and texts? Or maybe they’re more phishing attempts? There are links in each MMS, I opened them from Linux though and they go nowhere, same thing happens on my backup phone. Any ideas on what’s going on? When it was just one message I said it could be a coincidence but alongside other juvenile things that have happened I’m sure it’s this lunatic trying to be “1337”.


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