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Someone kept getting logging in on my Wifi

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    Hi everyone,

    Sorry if this may not be a post that doesn’t fit in this subreddit but I would like your advice.

    This person previously had the wifi password and that’s how he got in at first, then I immediately changed the wifi name and password. Then this person logged again but I don’t know why he didn’t change the wifi password but only the wifi name. I then had to change both again. That happened again. I saw the person leave my building, I think it was them who did that and now I changed both the name and the password (I used the max 64 characters allowed for the password).

    What could have been that? Is there an app for Android that is good at such stuff. I was using WPA2-PSK as Authentication Type and AES as Encryption Algorithm WPA.

    This is how the page of my router settings looks like:

    Is there a know app that can exploit such weak routers? I can’t even change the default login username and pass.

    Any help is appreciated!

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    Yes, there are apps that can capture packets and use patterns to predictably brute force in a rather short time. The length of the password doesn’t matter since the attack is against the hash. What does matter is what security you use. You want at least WPA2 with AES.

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    If you’ve changed the password, it would take some time to crack the new password (aircrack-ng probably). However if it was as quick as your implying, check to see if you have WPS turned on. If you do turn it off

    Edit: as for reseting your modem password, there should be a physical reset switch, google it for your model if its not obvious

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    Does the person have physical access to the device? If so, then you don’t have to crack anything. Just reset the device, login with default creds and set the network back up.

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