May 19, 2021

Something very strange just happened on a Teledoc

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    Something very strange just happened on a Teledoc Call I had.

    I recently thought it may be a good idea due to the cause of spiking coronavirus to attempt an Online Video call with a health professional through Teledoc for general questions on symptoms i’ve been having.

    I was connected to a doctor this morning. She was very helpful in giving me treatment option and the call lasted about 1 hour. However something strange happened during the call.

    I was speaking with the Doctor on the call and about 45 minutes in the video call screen when black, as if the other side’s camera source had changed. Although I still heard the audio of the Doctor.
    Then I see a different video source of something that I couldn’t make out and then the camera source appears to switch again to a front facing camera view of a man who’s face was fully pictured in the screen.
    I was so confused, as was the Doctor. The doctor said something along the lines of “oh I have another patient?” And I had thought something like “maybe I ran out of time” but his face was only there for a few seconds
    before he muttered “oh sorry” and then the feed went back to just me and the doctor. We were confused and distraught as the doctor was asking me question if I knew who they were. I let her know that I did not recognize them either. She had mentioned that she did see a name pop up at the top of the feed but she couldn’t remember it fully, I assume she is able to see my name on the video stream as I was able to see hers as well. She asked me if I saw the name, but In my confusion with the situation I did not pay attention to that area of the screen and told her I did not see if there was a different name there. She told me she did see possibly seen a name and she was trying to remember it but couldn’t. And she was on
    a secure network and that she was going to submit the incident to her support team.

    Teledoc video call are made via the Teledoc app on mobile and through a browser. Since I was home I used the online browser on my Mac laptop through Chrome and I assume the Doctor was on a computer as well considering her webcam view.

    This is very terrifying because the person who popped up seemed to have control of what was going on since it seemed as they were the ones who put the original video source back on when we realized we were both
    looking at somebody we both did not recognize.

    Any thoughts on what this might be? Could I be hacked, could she be hacked? Could it be the FBI? Either way this is also concerning because it seems as though a private call between a physician and patient has been potentially
    breached and I could imagine Hippa procedures have been violated.

    A few minutes later as we were wrapping up the call my wifi went out and has been down for a few hours. I contacted my ISP who told me there are no outages in my local area.

    Looking for logical answers to this.


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    Logical answer? Software probably had a bug. Very unlikely you were hacked.

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