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    Anyone know of a good SSL stripper? sslstripper (the one that uses twisted python) does not work and SSLstrip has code full of syntax errors. Any other ideas?
    On a side note, why do a heap of python tools have a whole load of print “something” errors instead of the functioning print(“something”)? It’s not a version thing as python 2 would have still not worked with that syntax.

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    I used sslstrip successfully. You are probably missing headers.

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    Python 2 uses ‘print “hello world”‘. Python 3 used ‘print(“hello world”)’. It’s definitely a version thing.

    Make sure you’re using python 2.7.

    Also, sslstrip is the defacto tool. There aren’t any better ones for what you’re trying to do. With that said, there have been alot of protections implemented with TLS1.2, browsers, and tools to protect against the use of sslstrip.

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