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    Is there a guide or tutorial out there teaching the basic approach to hardware hacking? Like a Swiss army knife toolkit to approach any hardware and interface with it to begin the software hacking?

    For example: I plug in a ob2 reader to my bmw and my laptop how would communication be established? I have 3rd party tools like ista-d which does all the work on the back end, but if I wanted to create a custom program or if there wasn’t a 3rd party solution available how would you approach it to establish communication with the hardware?

    Ex2: I want to connect to my Ring cam, nest thermostat, ps4, alexa, Dji drone, etc how would I know how to access and modify the hardware/ software to input my own custom parameters or features?

    I am aware people who can modify hardware, but have no idea how they learned to do it. 2007-2009 bmw keys have a unique code associated with the hardware in the car. You can only get like 8 total keys before you have to replace all the associated hardware in the car, yet somehow people are able to take a coded key from another bmw and reprogram it to work with your car.

    I am aware of eeprom having a light sensitive eye that when exposed to light wipes the memory of it. I worked as a printer repairman having to deal with these. They always came preprogrammed and we would sometimes send them out to get reprogrammed, but how do they actually do that step? How do they connect to it and program it? I’ve never found good resources online explaining any of it.

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    Chect out the hackrf with the portapack and mayhem firmware and look into a EEPROM programmer.

    And also look into OBD-II, CAN bus and the cars ECU.

    You should be able to capture, decode and use the signal with the hackrf.

    The rest will require a little learning.

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