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    I clicked a sketchy link on discord and someone got my IP address for my phone. I wasn’t connected to WiFi. Should I be worried?

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    Most likely no. I imagine you are at home or work and have a somewhat standard ISP setup (e.g. verizon cable modem and router)? Is so they only know the address Verizon NATs your up link to. This will generally gives away general region that your connection is in, but not your address or give direct access to your computer. Make sure your router password is somewhat secure.

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    Configure your router with dynamic IP and you have nothing to worry about

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    Thanks to everyone who has responded. I really appreciate it. It might seem silly but I really didn’t know and was kind of freaked out

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    dont worry.

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    Every web site you visit has your IP. Every single one of them, it’s the basis of how the internet works. So no, they can’t do much with it.

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