May 5, 2021

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    This isn’t a request to hack but was hoping someone could help me.
    Someone is using Facebook to scam folk (including myself) out of lots of money claiming to sell graphics cards. It’s been reported to both Facebook and the authorities but nothing has been done. Was wanting to see if there was some way to help stop this person if anyone can help me

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    Are they using your actual account or a clone of it. You can change your password. Remove your phone number from Facebook for the time being after you change it to prevent possible sim jacking attack. Theres a way to see in settings what is was used to login to your account. If you are in the states and the attacker is outside the country, the authorities won’t do much. You can further more enable 2fa for your account.

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    how does the scam work? if he uses a fake account with pictures from google and tells you to send him a gift card then there isnt much that can be done.

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    We are not your personal vigilante army.

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