May 9, 2021

Synchronous and asynchronous encryption difference

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    Can someone help me understand what is the difference between Synchronous and asynchronous encryption difference?? And give me some idea using an example??

    The explanations on google that i see are kinda complex

    Thank you

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    Symmetric is when there is one key that both encrypts and decrypts the message. Both people share this key and both people can read and generate content that is encrypted by it. The main disadvantage is that there has to be some kind of initial information passed between the users so that they share this key (but diffie-hellman has proven to be a good solution for this problem.)

    Asymmetric is when there are two keys, one to encrypt a message (private key) and one to decrypt the message (public key). The disadvantage is that this has a much more restrictive use-case as the information can only flow one way. This is more about authorization and verification than about obscuring a message – a properly encrypted message can be assumed to come from an authorized source, but everyone can read those messages.

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    I think you mean symmetric and asymmetric encryption. Use those terms and search youtube or Google and you should find what you’re looking for

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