June 15, 2021

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    **Hi everyone, I’m Grumpez!**

    Is going to be a long one.

    TL;DR: At the end of the post.

    **Why am I writing this?**

    I created this reddit account because I wanted to share with someone my journey. I want to study cyber security and learn something about hacking. Writing regular updates about my journey I hope to stay motivated, get feedback and maybe someone in a similar position will find this useful.

    **Who am I?**

    I am Grumpez! I am in my 20s and studying a bachelor’s in media production in the UK. I have never been good at school and just this year I realized and got diagnosed with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and ADHD. For some reason, this diagnosis gave me some sense of closure on why I failed so many times at school. In my teenager years I felt like I was not good enough and gave up all my academic opportunities. I started working part time in sales (just a little shop) at 14 and quitted high school at 18. At that point I was lucky enough to get some qualifications and start a successful 3-years long career in the maritime industry. Travel the world until I got wise enough to realize that was not the life for me. I wanted to face my biggest fear and joined uni. I choose Media Production because I wanted to do something easy, and I honestly just joined to get the academic experience I felt I missed. After my learning disabilities diagnosis, I started to work around it and realized I have some chances on try something more complexed that what I was limiting myself to.

    **Why hacking?**

    Since I was a kid, I loved to show of my crazy IT skills to my family and friends (I knew how to get free movies and games). This led me to want to learn new tricks and started to browse around the internet looking for free stuff or on how to hack my neighbor Wi-Fi but never succeed. I once asked as gift for my 14th birthday for a programming book and got “visual basic for dummies” but once again failed and never got past the 10th page. When I was 17, I had my first success. Some student was hacking my high school network and shutting down the main server when we had to do a test. I was intrigued by it and started my own studies. I learned about Kali launched it on the school pcs and started to play around. My computer science was happy about my interest and let me skip loads of lessons to try helping him to fix the hacker issue. I was trying to learn Wireshark to somehow find something useful, but I had no idea what I was doing so I did not find the hacker. But I found out something else useful to my professor, there were many packets that we could not recognize and after our little investigation find out that some pcs where reconnecting to the network after they were turned off and some other useful stuff I do not remember. Something like a meteorology station constantly sending half of the packets that were going around the network. I skipped so many lessons that year that I failed the year.

    I have to point out that I learned how to speak English at 18 and there were not many resources on those topics in my native language. Just to show off I now speak 4 languages.

    At this point my knowledge about hacking and cyber security is basically 0, I have realized that computers have been a passion through all my life. Now I want to give a real try to learn and I finally feel confident enough to go public about my attempt.

    **What is my goal?**

    I want to challenge myself in something I always felt I was too stupid to succeed at. I want to get an internationally recognized qualification and if I succeed, in a far future, I want to make a living on a computer science related job.

    **What am I doing to learn?**

    I have been listening to *Darknet Diaries*, which was the fuel to this attempt. I have now started from the first episode of *The social-engineer podcast* witch I am loving too. This does not give me any technical knowledge, but I am learning about the history of hacking/security and improving my IT related English dictionary. I love to listen to podcasts as they quiet my ADHD and do not trigger my Dyslexia. They keep me very motivated and brought me to this stage. The last 2 weeks I have been looking for a starting point and I have to say I do not have a 100% clear answer yet. I decided that I want to explore as many free resources as possible. I will list some I selected to use now or in the future.

    I have downloaded kali and I will either run it on USB (believe the term is live) or in a virtual machine, but never done that before. I am planning to follow a basic training offered on their website.


    I want to be my first step as fun as possible because in the past I’ve notice I tend to give up as I set my bar way to high and kill all the fun/motivation.

    I heard about *hack the box academy* and want to join their training. Hopefully It will suit my challenge driven personality and I will enjoy it.


    I want to follow some training paths on Linkedin learning as I got a membership for free there and I like their system. They have a transcript for every lesson witch really help my silly brain.

    My first learning path will be a full-stack web developer. I heard a basic knowledge of those concept is very useful and I also think being able to build websites is useful and cool. This is the one I chose:


    Then I will move to something more specific to Cybersecurity:


    To then follow with a learning path:


    I have also heard good things about “Metasploit unleashed – free ethical hacking course” and some SANS trainings but I think you have to pay for the SANS one, so I’ll keep them last.



    Certifications wise I heard so many opinions that I am a bit confused, so I’ll just keep training until I have a better understanding.

    I also found this very interesting reddit post:


    It is full of interesting resources and I will definitely use some of those resources. My only issue is that being dyslexic I struggle with technical books. I am working on it but right know I need to find a better option for me.

    Also, would like to learn the basics of Python have not picked a course yet but I have seen plenty of good ones around.

    My plan will most likely change but this is where I am at right now.


    I think I have finally found an ok starting point; I am motivated and more confident about myself. I really want to succeed, and I will do my best. I want to write more post like this one to motivate myself and share with someone my progress. I hope to get some feedback and maybe be somehow useful to someone else. Worst case I trained my writing skills.

    Next step is to set up kali to try hack the box. If their training and YouTube is not enough for my silly brain, I will take a step back and find a new starting point.

    I will try to update you often,

    Always open to suggestions,

    Much love


    TL;DR: I finally found the confidence to start my journey into the hacking/cybersecurity world. I explained that in the past I only had failures academic wise and that some undiagnosed learning disabilities probably did not helped my case. Since a kid I was very interested in everything computer related and while I tried few times to learn something cool for different reasons never succeeded. This time I have a plan and confidence. I explained my plan and my goals. I hope one day make a living out of a computer related job. Writing personal updates on reddit I hope to keep my self motivated, get feedback and maybe give some useful information to someone in a similar position. My English is weak and my knowledge too, trying to get better at both.

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    I too know next to nothing about the cyber world and came to reddit to fuel my interest on the topic. I’m planning on taking a computer science course in the near future and use online resources to aid in my journey. I can’t wait to see more updates on how you do. Good luck! 😀

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    Keep posting updates for us!! And good luck!

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    Good luck on your path!
    For beginner hacking challenges and CTFs, my guess is that HackTheBox might be a little too hard for a complete beginner. May I suggest trying out TryHackMe instead. This learning platform has hundreds of very well built vms and resources to learn the basics in just about everything in infosec, networking, as well as web and system exploitation. I’ve been on it for the past couple months and learned quite a lot.

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