June 15, 2021

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    Hello, I’m not a hacker, and someone told me some of my personal information. Should I be majorly concerned? Because I definitely am.

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    Don’t worry, that’s probably no big deal. There’s a lot more info people could get about you from the internet if they wanted to. They’ll say that to scare you. If someone says they hacked you, they likely didn’t. If you’re missing a lot of money from your bank account, someone probably hacked you.

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    Probably some skid that got your IP address and thinks he can use the geolocation to pin point your house. I’m going to assume you are on xbox/playstation and some little kids think they’re elite and terrorize other kids cause they have no social skills. I know that right now xbox communications can be decrypted and you can reveal your parties IP addresses since xbox is so poor and can’t afford dedicated servers apparently. If you are on xbox I highly recommend being careful who you have in your parties because as of right now they’re vulnerable to Ip pulling.

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    For some reason, I can’t see the previous persons comment, all I could read was something about more context. Basically, someone just copy and pasted personal information, like what state I’m in, my internet/ TV provider, and even asked if they should describe what my house looks like.

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    No you shouldnt theres nothing to worry about. you should change your passwords tho and maybe restart your router (if you have a dynamic ip-address).

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    if they told you name, school, address, parents/kids names. You got doxxed. It shouldn’t be an issue, j be careful where you put your full name.

    If it was cc info or ssn, then your in trouble.

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