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    ^(First I have to apologize for my bad English! I’m from germany, please be nice to me.)

    # We need a new sub or a restart!

    All I want to say with this post is: “We need a new hacking sub or a restart!”. You may ask yourself, why, everything is fine in here? No, it actually isn’t. This sub is gone from “actual hacking” to a place for scriptkiddies to exchange their scripts which they obviously didn’t even made themselves. This is awful.


    # The plan and the problems of this sub

    **THE QUESTIONS:** This sub was first planned for hackers to help each other, which it obviously still is for, only that the questions, that are asked in here, could be answered with a 20s search using Google or some other search engine. Here a little step to step guide for all these people that are to stupid to search for a problem:


    1) Go to [](

    2) Type in your problem

    3) Click on the links and look up the problem

    [4) If you don’t find something about the problem then you are allowed to add a post here]


    Really, it isn’t that hard. Try to use a search engine for something else than looking for porn!


    **SELF PROMOTION:** The next problem is self promotion. I’m pretty sure, you all have seen these post like “How to make a program that hacks your PC”, which actually closes the explorer or “How to use Metasploit”, which you can’t call “actual” hacking. Please add a rule that forbids posting videos, or even better, make an extra sub for it.


    **N00BS:** I have nothing against people that want to learn how to hack. I was at that point, too. But please, if you want to learn hacking, buy books, go to hacking events, play CTFs or watch videos (I recommend: LiveOverflow). But don’t post posts like “CaN SoMeONe hElp mE leARn haCk My ScHooL?”.


    **TECH SUPPORT:** Ok, one thing this sub did right is making the rule that this sub isn’t your “tech support”. But no one cares! Please mods, ban these people. They have been warned…


    **STUPIDITY:** I think, 90% of this sub are people, who don’t even know, what an XSS or an overflow is. They’re just these typical scriptkiddies, that think they are fricking *HACKERMAN* only because they’re able to write a script that shuts the computer down on execution.


    **THE MODS:** First, deleting this post would be a sign of criticism disability. I think you’re all doing your job well, but there are just too many posts for 9 mods. If you really want to make a change, you’ll need more.


    **LEGALITY:** To give an example: “Admin on school computers”. You’re able to think yourself about this…


    And that aren’t even all problems… I could expand the list as long as I want!


    # Conclusion

    new sub plz thx

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