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    There are a number of available certifications for ethical hacking and penetration testing. CEH, PenTest+, and OSCP to name a few. I’m prepping for CEH and will be looking at OSCP next. Does it really matter though? Is there a top cert in this field where employers will prefer that over all else? Certs are expensive 😣

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    Just to be clear, certs won’t get you the job. They are more checkmarks that help you pass the HR screen and just show employers you are willing to invest time/money in yourself. So with that being said:

    CEH – all theoretical knowledge based that doesn’t really teach you “how” to do anything. It’s only good for if you are trying to satisfy the DoD 8570 requirement that is if your goal is to work for Uncle Sam. I have this cert for that sole reason.

    Pentest+ – I hear it’s better than CEH but not by much. Satisfies the same DoD 8570 requirements as CEH.

    OSCP – probably the de facto cert showing employers you know the hacking process and can demonstrate a solid working base. Also having to his cert, I can say it’s hands down leagues ahead of CEH/Pentest+.

    You have others like CREST, CPSA, OSEP, OSED, OSCE, GPEN, and a few others. If I were you I focus all your time and attention on OSCP then go from there such as OSEP/OSED as they build on OSCP. Both are very hands on.

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    Schooling for one. Some kind of degree in Cyber Sec or Comp Sci, followed by OSCP I would say.

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