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    I have a scenario here….

    **Hacker decides to hack my website. He uses burp to recon my website and wants to be very anonymous. He connects Burp to jumphost and connects the jumphost back again to VPS where openVPN is running. All burp connection goes through burp ->jumphost->VPS->VPN.**

    Is it possible to identify hacker in this case? Or is this too much?

    For me , I think this is too much.

    I read an article and got curious.

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    The entire point of a VPN is to be anonymous, so tracking the owner yourself will be very difficult.

    In some cases and if the FBI is interested in the case (probably not), the owners of whatever server used as the jumphost or vpn can be court ordered to hand over ownership information for a given IP. However…this doesn’t work if said host doesn’t have logging as is the case with popular VPNs. And it can take months or years.

    So…short answer: nope. Energy is better spent on closing security holes or having audits done if you’re prone to being attacked.

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    Alright, so, I’m looking to really get into hacking. Pentesting, WiFi cracking, SSH, those sort of things. I’ve heard about sites like []( or []( but I’m looking for a more professional opinion than a google search. Where should I start, what should I read etc.


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