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    I have a fresh wipe pc with no info that I use for hacking in games, one of the hacks has a info stealing Trojan attached to it. If I remove the Trojan I remove the game hacks so I don’t want to remove it. Basically, if I have no info to steal, is it safe to use the compromised PC on the same network as my main PC? Is there a risk that my main PC can become compromised aswell?

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    If they get a foothold on your network, then they are in your network. They can listen to all traffic, scan devices and attempt to get into your other machines.

    What you’d need is a different network or maybe a VLAN.

    However, the better advice that I’ll give is. Don’t download cheats for games, especially with trojans in. Just play the game in the designed way and enjoy it.

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    Highly unlikely. Make sure your user/pass are different and the compromised PC has no access to the main PC (network shares etc). Most trojans don’t actively look to infect other PC’s without human interaction.

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