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    Troy Hunt: Trump Said “Nobody Gets Hacked”

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    I’d like to say a big “thank you” to @realDonaldTrump for providing me with material that’s going to feature in many, many presentations for years to come 🤣


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    If anybody thinks he’s joking: [38 minutes into this]( It’s not a joke, it’s not out of context. He legitimately said this, with a straight face, not joking.

    He’s a bonafied idiot and this is just more proof on the pile that he’s so outrageously incompetent it’s a threat to national security. Cyberwarfare is going to play a huge factor in the coming future (and already is to some degree).

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    This is fascinating.

    How he can completely pull these numbers out of his ass and remain firm on his beliefs of which clearly he has no knowledge , is utterly amazing. Yet he says it with such conviction.

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