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Trying to override admin restrictions on Mac

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    Hi all,

    I (25f) was given a Mac book air in college that I was supposed to return but long forgot and it seems my university as forgotten as well… literally it’s been years. So I recently found it in my closet but when I tried to use the internet, it said “your clock is behind” aka the date and time is incorrect and I need to change it.

    When I tried to change it in settings, I have to enter in the admin user and pass which I have 0 recollection of.

    Can anyone explain simply how to jailbreak this thing? Or whatever I have to do to get admin access and break off from the university restrictions entirely?

    I would either need a way to find the current password/ change the password, or entirely restart the MacBook and wipe it clean so I can start new and create a new admin?

    Help me please, my fellow smart folk!
    Is there anything I can do here?

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    Why does your gender and age matter?

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    r/techsupport for things like this next time…

    Factory reset the Mac. Shutdown >> Hold command R >> then reset

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