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    i know this is not the best sub for this but its the closest i could find. i would like to install linux on a wifi router and use it as a raspberry pi like device. what do you think of this? any ideas/advice?

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    Well there isn’t much info here but guidance would say ssh access would kinda be the way to go. Maybe dropbear would help? It’s also possible there is no baked in access to the end user for security concerns. It really kinda depends on what device you have. It also might just be easier to buy something, like a $35 raspberry pi.

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    Depends on what your goal is. For headless access, it’s pretty trivial.

    If you want keyboard+mouse+monitor, this will take more work.

    For keyboard+monitor only, these WiFi routers generally will have serial access (this may require soldering some headers and/or wires). Then just hook up a terminal to your serial port and you’re ready to go.

    If your router has a USB port, things get more interesting. Now you can attach a USB multi-port adaptor that has multiple USB ports and HDMI out.

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