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    Currently in the process of building a new pc. I am considering the choice of separating my main pc, from my “hacking pc”. Would it be pointless? The main difference between the pc’s would be that the main pc is a lot higher in performance. I would also be using Windows 10 for the main, but for the “hacking pc I would just the linux distro tails. So should I seperate the two, or just use the one pc? Any insight would, help. If my question is stupif or does not make sense I am sorry. Otherwise thanks.

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    You can enable WSL in your Win10 and have Kali installed. With virtualization, there’s really no need for separate physical systems anymore.

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    Why use tails? Are you familiar with it? Tails is definitely not designed to be a hacking tool like kali Linux. It blocks all non-secure connections – you’re probably not going to get very far hacking-wise. You should just shoot for kali Linux and maybe try to tweak it so that you leave less of a digital footprint, although that’s probably gonna impede on your ability to “hack”.

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    Kali Linux is nice or Parrot OS

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    Leverage the [whonix gateway]( (virtualized) for routing all traffic from your favorite security distro (virtualized).

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    U got a cool idea! I did the same thing but I got 3 pcs now, my “main” pc, ig u can call it, is my Ubuntu machine, I also use it for security tasks, I gave up on all the fancy pentest distros, I just use Ubuntu cause I’m a student as well and its a great desktop, the tools I need I can install from a terminal, I don’t need 100 tools I can’t even understand them, I use tools slowly, I understand it and why its used, how can I automate this tool with a python or bash script? Shit like that.

    Honestly a hacking machine can be any pc with python installed if ur skilled enough.

    But I find it best to separate my machines, like ok if I build a server and a client, and I really want to test them, it just doesn’t feel right if I was running them both on one rig, I feel like if you want to truly learn network pentesting, u need multiple machines. That way I can test running remote commands and networking protocols with python and shit.

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