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    Two schoolkids sue Google for collecting biometrics

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    I work for a school that used biometric finger print readers for lunches. There was a lot of fuss about how much biometric information we could collect legally. There was something like it could read five lines but no more. I tore it out and replaced it.

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    Good for them, google loves to collects too much information.

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    Are you serious?! They actually use your fingerprints for school lunches? What. A. Joke. Would never accepted that do not trust them at all.

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    Even kids know how much privacy matters why some adult people don’t understand who much privacy matters….

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    Nothing to do with hacking?

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    Are these kids aware their prints are collected at birth as well as a number that tracks them for life?

    Face data I understand but print data basically exist for everyone on this planet and no one can really do anything without print outside of the feds if Google collects your print data there should be an opt in choice but it’s to improve the software reading prints.

    My University uses IDEMIA biometric readers and the readers use the prints to calculate people specific numbers (not sure how) but it doesn’t actually collect the prints.

    About a month ago I was on a plane to Louisiana and one of the airports was using IDEMIA for face recognition I believe might have been a database of collected people, but I didn’t have to give them ID or boarding pass they just took about 5 seconds and said “alright come on through” the TSA agent seems happy since she didn’t have to interact with possible sick people. And I personally thought the whole thing was pretty bad ass.

    I am not against these students and their pursuit to privacy and advocating for that privacy, but I really think people are unaware of how quick privacy is changing, how data is being collected, and what it is being used for.

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    Or you bring a healthy lunch from home. Sandwiches will do nicely? We survived all those years without lunch from a school cantina. Why is it still there. Are the parents unable to prepare lunch? Who makes money with this, that is the good question. Now if you wanna raise good adults and have lunch at school then I suggest you educate yourself and look at the Japanese school system. That is how we should start educating young souls. They have a healthy lunch that is the only way to go forward.

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    Lol they don’t even know what else they are stealing

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    Edit: I mean sue those assholes more.

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    Children should talk about it to their parents before contacting lawyers and starting a lawsuit

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