May 11, 2021

Un-resetable router

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    Not sure where to post this, i guess it fits here, as it would probably be deleted/drown in new on r/techsupport so, here it goes.

    I’ve recently bought a ASUS Router (RT-N12+B1, which for some reason shows up as RT-N11P in web interface) at a garage sale. It’s pretty cheap on the market and i got it for even less, but i soon found out its pre-configured.

    Tried hard reseting it acording to ASUS’es guide but only thing it did is put it in recovery mode, which i then used to flash it with new firmware (with asus recovery utility). This only bricked some of its functions. Then i flushed it with the oldest firmware (which restored all of its functions) hoping there are some vulnabilities i could use, but no luck (all of them either suck or require login).

    No matter what i do i can’t actually properly reset it, its stuck with no DHCP, static weird IP (which i had to find out by analysing some ARP requests about another weird IP), and hidden wifi with default ssid and no password. And of course the default admin password doesn’t frickin’ work and the darn thing locks down every 5 login attemps.

    Any ideas?

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    Try flashing some third party tomato firmware or DD-WRT if its available for that model.

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