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    Ok so i am trying to understand this concept
    (I have many questions)

    Bytes are 1s and 0s, so binary
    Binary can be translated to hexadecimal
    So then can bytes be 1s and 0s and hexadecimal, like any of them two, (not sure about that tho)

    I was watching a pentesting video on a hackthebox machine, and the guy was trying to change the so called magic bytes of a file so that the system recognized the file as a different file then it actually was, to do that he printed in plain text some hex stuff (which was the file signature in hex) like xAbxC3xf3 etc etc into the file (echo xAbxC3xF3 > file.txt) , so another question is when the computer read all these hex characters, did it import it in the bytes just like that, or did it recognize it has hex and then convert it to binary and then into the bytes

    As you see i am very confused with bytes and how they store information, and how you can “insert” information in to bytes, and how all that would work.
    So if anybody could please explain like im 5 i would appreciate it a lot, as i am just starting to learn all of this stuff

    Thank you!!

    Ps: I hope you understand my question as I am not very good at explaining myself lol

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