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    I once accessed a website, I recorded my audio and video using my system’s webcam and mic on that website and also typed something on that website. I want to know if I access that website again(with a different email id) using a different browser, will it recognise me in any way? I again want to record my audio and video on that website but I don’t want the site to know that I have already visited it. Can it access my webcam or mic or keyboard’s serial(unique identifier) no. and recognise that these devices have already been used to feed data on it? It’s a totally legit website but it can be only used once every year hence I am asking this question. Please help.

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    Low effort, off topic.

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    It hurts my head just reading your post

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    From [W3C Media Capture and Streams – Privacy and Security Considerations](https://www.w3.org/TR/mediacapture-streams/#privacy-and-security-considerations):

    > The identifiers for the devices are designed to not be useful for a fingerprint that can track the user between origins, […]

    This means: You can’t identify a user based on the camera / microphone. However, it *could* give a hint, even though it’s unlikely. If you use a different browser, it’s probably safe to say, that you can’t be identified using fingerprints based on the webcam/microphone (but maybe based on other information, such as OS version, user agent, etc.).

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