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    I’m doing traffic analysis for a client and would like to implement a cost effective MITM interface. At the moment, I have a Raspberry Pi 4 w/ a USB ethernet dongle and a software bridge connecting the on-board ethernet port with the dongle. It works, but it slows down traffic to about a third of what it normally is (big surprise, I know).

    If I had a larger budget, I’d do it right and build a little Linux box with a decent multiport NIC and use that. Unfortunately, I don’t have the budget….

    Anyone know of a USB NIC with Linux support that can handle the traffic in hardware so I’m not doing it in software?

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    I believe what you’re looking for is a Gigabit variant of the LAN Tap / throwing star.

    From my research, I’ve [found that solutions for this are relatively expensive]( (compared to your current setup). The only [alternative]( is to cut traffic throughput to 100Mbps.

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    Why does it have to be a USB device? Why not get an openWRT router?

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